Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Feeling ill :(

Howdy folks,

Today I'm going to tell you about the past few days.

 On Sunday Morning I felt fine but when I had a bath I had a terrible belly ache. This happened last  week but when I got out felt better but this time when I got out I felt worse. It got a bit better so I had food but that did not really help.

So when I got sent to bed I was lying in bed and then I rushed to the bathroom,was going to be sick. Mummy and daddy heard me run across the coradoor and Mummy came upstairs to see me. I was sick. Mummy pulled my hair back and I through up again but because my head was not strait I ended up being sick all up the wall and the side of the toilet seat, Mummy then ran way gagging Dad heard Mummy gagging and knew he had to step in. He got his Dettol wipes, Dettol spray and a plastic bag. He had to clean it up. ( Poor Dad.)

A coulple of minuits later he had finesh cleaning up my sick. He put me in bed with my desk light on watching a film ( Ragrats movie to be axact.) with a towal on my pillow then I went to sleep tan I wke up and through up again but this one was hardly as bad.

I woke up a little bit early and I watched a film and told Hayley about me being sick. I had a drink and then as soon as Dad was going to take Hayley and Ella to school because Mummy was staying me with me I through up my drink. Mummy mademe a smoothie that was very yummy and I had lots and i made me a fell a bit better so I had a bit of food and that gave me another belly ache. " Muuum I have another belly ache."  I said to Mummy
" Well be prepared, because that usally  means that you will be sick." She replied. I did not be sick through.

We watched some of my favourite films like.......... Spy Kids, The Ugly Duckling and me, Bugsy Malone and Barbie as Rapunzel. Freddy went crazy because he was not watching Jimmy Neutron. Soon after it was dinner time. I ate all my dinner it was VERY yummy and it did not make me have a belly ache but I didn't eat the cookies Ella made and the cakes Mummy made though.

Today I don't have to go to school eather because it is two days of when you are physicaly sick. I was fine but Ella wasn't. She as sick too! Once when Ella was sick I thought that there was a monster in her room and I got scared. Any way when i got up there was a nock at the door Mummy couldn't get it so I did how exciting! A parsle for Mum was in my hands i gave it to mummy and put on a film in my room called Mrs.Doubtfire it was very funny I loved it! it was about a man and his wife devorsed him so he dressed up as a women and pretented to be a Nanny. It was sooo funny!

Well I think I am fineshed now so BYYYEEE!!!!