Friday, 29 April 2011


Howdy People of the Earth,

Yesterday I went swimming at school which I thought was scary because I am a non-swimmer.

Ich gehe nicht gern schwimmen weil ich Wasser hasse. By Ella!

Ok back to the stuff. I went to Market Drayton Swimming Centre.

I went in the baby pool as I expected. But it was all ok because I had a lot of my friends in there with me like Maddy, Harriet, Mia, Katlien, Sophie and some other people!

They made me jump in the pool and  put my face in the pool which isa bit out of my comfort zone but it is ok because I did it and when I did I wasa little proud of myself because well..... I don't know I'm just stupid!!!

One of the people there gave my a float and then pulled across the pool and then made me kick my legs.

It was really fun I really enjoyed it. Hopfully I will learn to swim!

Till' next time......

K.R.McD <3

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