Saturday, 30 November 2013

My New Video!

Hey! Thought I would just show you my new video on my new channel.


Yes I know very short but never mind...

Bye!!! xxx

Monday, 18 November 2013

My New Channel!

So guys, I have a new channel! Here is a link! You can still watch my old videos on my old channel because it is still up but I will no longer be posting videos on it.

Only a short post just to tell you that I will be doing many more videos on my new channel!!!!!


Sunday, 22 September 2013

I Style ... Knitted Leggings!

Hay, Hay, Hay!

Kezia Rocks

Today I am going to style knitted leggings for you.
I have 3 different colours to show you that are sold at amazing prices.  

Mine are from Primark but you can get them else where.


With the burgundy pair, I matched it with an all in one jumper and top (with a collar, of coarse) from New Look. I think these look really well together and the leggings add a splash of colour to the monochrome of the jumper. 

Secondly, with the turquoise pair I put it with a nice and simple slogan T-shirt. I LOVE these Ts. I think they go with anything and everything!

Finally for the black ones. I paired it with a big hoody. The hoody is dark blue and white with a slogan in a love heart in the middle. This is also from New Look. 

I hope you have enjoyed.

I would like to say a big HELLO to my friend Chloe.


Thursday, 8 August 2013

HAUL! - Back to School and other essentials! + My latest video!

Hello There My Little Lovelies!

So recently I went shopping and made a haul video to show you what I got. I got some amazing items for amazing prices!


 Ignore my ridiculous face in the thumbnail....

Ok guys, it would mean a whole lot to me if you could subscribe to my channel HERE


Monday, 15 July 2013


Hello There My Dearest!

Today I am gonna talk about plaits!

Everyone loves plaits, EVERYONE! And this summer for some reason I have been absolutely loving them! Today I though I would show you some of my favorites.  


For all these looks you will need: a hairbrush, hair bands, bobby pins if needed and accessories (Optional but highly recommended!). 

1.The side plait

 First of all brush your hair to one side so that you have no bumps or knots.

Then you basically just plait all the way down to the end and secure with a hair bobble.

You can customize this by maybe pulling little bits of hair out at the sides, or put on a head band or some hair clips. Basically, GO MAD!

2. Pig tales

  At the moment I have absolutely loving this. It is my go to look if i just want something simple for school.

 Again, brush through your hair so it is nice and smooth.

Then seperate your hair into 2 sections. This can be equal or I sometimes like to just follow my hair line.

And just plait to as far down as you would like and tie off with a hair band.

Feel free to add any accessories.

3.The plait pony tail thing 

For this look, grab a little section of hair and plait it back. Then put in a temporary hair clip just to keep it in place. 

Flip you hair upside down and gather in you hair coming through with your fingers.

Make sure your plait is showing, tie up your hair and take out the temporary clip.

  You can't see it very well in the picture but it has a lovely effect to a standard pony tail.

I hope you have enjoyed having a little look at my favorite looks with plaits and I shall see you very soon!!

P.S. Can I just say a little hello to my friend Elisha! Hope you have a great time on holiday!!! xxx  

Kindle Vs Books

Hello There!

 Just a quick post.Recently, on the Kids Blog Club facebook page, I saw a post opportunity.


I thought I would quickly share what I think. Enjoy!
 I LOVE to read (as you may probably now) and don't think you can get any better than reading a book, turning the pages, inhaling that old musky smell.

 Although, having a Kindle is probably a lot easier than carrying around a book. 

Pretty much all of my friends would much rather read a proper book as well, like me.

 I sometimes think that technology is gonna take over the world and I don't particularly want that to happen.

In conclusion,  

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Spring / Summer Style

Hello There!

So guys, you know how much I just adore fashion... well because Summer is on it's way, I thought I would do a post on different Summer / End of Spring must haves.

I have been looking on websites such as Next and New Look, and found some things that are definitely things you need this season! 


So the first thing I found that caught my eye was this fashion scarf.

Now, this is from New Look. It has got a very sassy pattern but also has that girly effect. I love this scarf so much and think that it is just amazing for Summer. This scarf, I think, could last you to around Autumn time as well. This scarf, is £3 reduced from £5.99, so that is bargin I think.

The next item is one I don't have personally, but very in right now.

This is a crop top also from New Look. I am missing out not having one of these. You can get lots of different patterns and colours and if you pair it with a pair of shorts or high waisted jeans won't show much skin. This is £4 pounds which a really reasonable price.

This next item mixes two of the best fashions this season, denim and play-suits!

This gorgeous play-suit is from Next and is just sooo cute! This will be perfect for the beach or you can pair it with tights and a cardy if it isn't too warm. Although it looks small in the picture, this goes from age 3-16 but is sold out in a lot of the sizes. This is £20-£27 depending on the size.

You all know I am collar crazy. This BHS dress really caught my eye!

Dotty prints are of the many patterns in this season. This dress is beautiful and is a kinda smart casual dress. I love how it is fitted and it is just so so pretty. This dress will be great all year round if you pair will some tights and a jacket. This dress is £16 pounds and a great buy.

Another fabulous BHS dress!

This dress is so girly with the light blue and the collar. I just adore this dress!
Again, this would be good all year round and is just fabulous. I love the silver studs on the collar and it just makes the dress even more amazing! This dress is from £11.20 which I think is an amazing price.

Sticking with the studs theme, we have some awesome shoes from Next!

These shoes come in white, black and florescent pink as well as this peachy colour in the picture. The studding on these shoes give it that rock chic edge every girl needs in her life. These are £14 - £17.

This top and leggings set is an online exclusive.

Everyone knows this style. And everyone needs one. This is a two piece set from New Look which I have purchased and I am SOO excited to receive it!  
This is £5 which is an AMAZING price!

That's all for now!!!!!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

STYLE IT! Go Wild with Next at London Zoo!

Hello There!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to a Next blogger event in Londo Zoo. I had a really great day looking at the Summer range of children's wear (Coming Soon!!!). When it came to an end, I was given a goody bag with some of the accessories from the range. So if we have a good Summer (and not the usual English rain) then I could show off my Next accessories!

When I got home, I got the idea to make a mini series called 'Style It!' This would be a good opportunity to make my first episode!!


I hope you enjoyed! It would really help me out if you could subscribe to my channel so make sure you do that!!

What will YOU buy next, at Next?!

Thursday, 28 March 2013


Hello There!

So last weekend I went to a PARTY! It was very fun and I had a great time. I am going to do an OOTD and stuff. Hope you enjoy!

I had my hair in a high pony-tail and I had a little bow hair clip(that you cannot see).

I just had grey eye-shadow on with eye-liner and mascara.

I was wearing a cute dress from New Look. I wore a cardigan from George and leggings I think they were from George too.



Friday, 22 March 2013


Hello There!

Yesterday,  Mum and I went to watch Ella (MY AWESOME SIS!) perform at Theatre Severn. She performed Lego House by Ed Sheeran. 



Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Confession of a Tweenage Fashionista!

Hello There!

These are the Confessions of a Tweenage Fashionista!

1. When walk in the kitchen, I use the microwave as a mirror or a TV and pretend I'm famous! (I also do funny dances and funny faces!)  

2. Why have 1 collar, when you can have 3!!! 

3. It is all about the layers, yeah...

4. At school, sometimes I go to toilet JUST to look in the mirror.(that sounds very vain...)

5. I LOOOOOOVE hugs!!!!!!

Lots of Love 



Sunday, 17 March 2013

When I met Electra Formosa...

Hello There!

Around a month ago I had a fantastic experience. I entered a competition and the prize was to be an editor for the day at the Girl Talk magazine office. I was sooooo excited when I won because it is my FAVOURITE magazine of all time plus, my dream job is to work for a magazine. When we arrived, the first challenge was to interview ... Electra Formosa! I could NOT believe what I was hearing because I watch her on Disney Channel's programme 'Get The Look.' So I planned questions and set off to the Disney HQ. I am not gonna lie, when I saw her I freaked out! (on the inside anyway)  but she was really nice and put me at ease.  I asked her the questions and had a load of fun.

fashion, stylest

I really appreciated the advice that Electra gave me about fashion.  She told me that your style should be about what you like and come from your personality.  It's no good dressing as a rock chick if you are more comfortable in girlie clothes.  She said Pixie Lott, Rihanna and Katy Perry were great fashion icons with unique style.  I asked her how to get Debbie Ryan's style and she said that she wears very tailored and smart outfits.  Even when casual she is still well tailored with smart boots and jacket.  I asked Electra for some tips to be a fashion stylist and she said using a blog was a good start to showcase my ideas of fashion.  I asked her what she thought of my outfit and she said it was really cute and she liked my collared shirt-jumper combo.  She was wearing monochrome trousers and a day-glo orange top.

We had some lunch with the Girl Talk editor and did some editing and then I got sent to the fashion cupboard. It was great! I got to style myself for a photoshoot. This is the finished outfit!

Fashion, Clothes

  It includes a black feather hat from River Island, a pearl rimmed collar top and a beautiful blue striped top from Boden. 

Later, we used the picture of me to make a mock-up front cover of a Girl Talk Mag.


Of course it had to have Harry Styles on it.....

I loved my day and it will be something I will remember for a long time!!!!!


Saturday, 16 March 2013

OOTD: Comic Relief Outfit!

Hello There!

As you know, on the 15 th of March it was Comic Relief or Red Nose Day! It was very fun but of cause you have to remember the serious side of things.

This year I wore something red in my outfit.The things I wore, I don't know how much they cost or if you can still buy them but...yeah.

Jacket: New Look Generation
Denim Shirt: Primark
Skirt: Primark
Hair bow: Next

I just flipped my hair upside down and pulled it into a messy bun thingy. That one when you do a loop on the last one.

Have a nice rest of your day!!!!!



Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Dork Diaries

Hello there!

My dream room would be full of make-up, clothes and books. I love reading because when you are reading you mind is in a whole new world, and your eyes get lost in a maze of words and everything is so peaceful.

I've decided to read a lot more and so what I am going to do is do a review on the Dork Diaries books when I finish each book!

So, this one is only short but, yeah....... BUY!