Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Toilet Tuesday......... A toilet story.

For my mum Inside The Wendy House I am gonna do a story about a toilet. Here it goes.

Once upon a time there was a toilet and that toilet decided he didn't want to eat poo any more so he spat out all the poo . People still poo in him and the toilet got angry. He started to rumble and smoke came from his lid. " What is happening ?" said the owner that just happend to be doing a poo a that moment.

The toilet turned evil and killed everyone.



Monday, 24 January 2011

My New Glasses.

On Saturday I got my new glasses from specsavers.

It was very fun. I had to go in this big thing!

My new glasses are red and cool. I like them better then the last one because my old lenses kept falling out which I dont think is suposed to happen . :/

I hope you like them!!!!!!

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Party, party, party!

In my new school I have been invited to three parties. (One of which I have already been to.) And one of them is today!!!! I have already been to Maddy's the one I have already been to, Chloe's is the one today and the next one is from the other Chloe and it is  in Feburary. 

At Maddy's party I had fun!

Chloe is my BFF!

And for the other Chloe's party we are going bowling.

Can't wait!!

Friday, 21 January 2011

Fab Friday Week 2

My fab friday today is that I found this game. Well really it is a website with games in. I really like it and find it fab!

Please post your links on my linky!!

Friday, 14 January 2011

Fab Friday

This week my teacher thought I was a star so today I found out that I was star of the week. I am not sure if you can see this but it says....... For a very detailed and wellwritten recount of your Christmas holidays. We had to do that for our homework. I think this is FAB!!!!

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Fab Friday.

I am making a new meme called Fab Friday.

All you have to do is post a picture of something fab you have done earlier that week. You can even put a thing that you did on Friday!

You don't have to do it every week if you have not been doing any thing on Monday , Tuesday , Wendnesday or Thursday. 

If you do it then please put a link in my comments and I will have a look. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Wordless Wednesday.

Things that make me smile. :D

I am doing a blog of things that make me smile! Enjoy.

1. My Family. Any time any place they are there for me. And any time I am upset they comfort me and make fell better, that just makes me smile:)

2. My Freinds. They make me laugh and smile. I <3 you guys!

3. My Baby Brother Freddy. Learning new things as the journey of his life goes on. SMILE :D 

4. School (sometimes). I enjoy learnig new things that I don't know and meeting my friends which is one of the thing that make me smile.

5. My live for making these thing make me smile!

P.S there were more things that makes me smile but I cant think of them so...I put my top 5 <3 <3

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Letter to my babyself.

Dear baby me,

I am sending you a letter so you can know what you have to look forward to in the future.

Well the first thing I have to say to you (or should I say me.) is that you are going to have a wonderful family that will look after you, keep you safe and love you more than the world.

And also in 2009 you are going to be blessed by a cute, handsome and  fab  baby brother named Freddy. And you will be proud of him like I am now. You will be proud because he will crawl, walk and talk.

You will have a compitition crazy mum!

A songwriter sister Ella.

A funny sister Megan and a funny brother Joey.

A Undeescriable Dad.

And .....well I have already  told you about Freddy.

this is you (again should I say me.).

From older me