Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Christmas Acrostic Poem.

Christmas  is close by.
High on energy because we are so exited!
Reindeers are practiceing for the big day.
Inside the house the tree is up and decorated.
Snow covers the garden.
Time to think about a Christmas list.
Many presents under the tree.
"Any for me?" Ask the Chrildren.
Santa arives and put presents in your stockens.

More snow!

I woke up today and looked up. There was little shadows that looked like balls. So I looked out my window and............... more snow had fallen! So I went down stairs and my mum said " Have you seen out side?!?"
"Yes!" I replied giggerling.

Nanna and Grandad were suposed to come but because of the weather they can't come. Also Ella's friend Page was going to come and sleep over but we don't know if she is coming.

I can't wait to go outside and hear that crunch of the snow as I take my  first step outside. I can't wait to go out and not see anything else than white. I can't wait to feel the cold air brushing against my cheeks.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Making icecream

Today I made some icecream at the icecream factory because I won a competition to create a new flavour icecream. My flavour was Jungle Jumble.

We had to wear a coat sort of thing, a hair net and things that go over your shoes.

The ingredients are mango, pineapple, banana and orange. In two of the tubs was a orange swirl , in another two was peach swirl and in the last two was pashion fruit swirl.

What we had to do was get the mixture and put the flavours in. I could put as much flavouring as I wanted and we got to taste it to check it was ok. As we were adding the different tipes of the fruity mixture Ella was mixing it with a huge whisk.

When it tasted just right we moved on to the next step. I put in the fruity, milkey mixture in to a machine that made it thicker. We had t wait untill the number hit 70.

The next step was to put it into the tubs. So we pressed the button that made it come out. ( Ella did that.) With my special tool  I smoothed the icecream down then added the orange. To make the orange into swirls with my tool I sort of rippeld it into the icecream. We kept doing it untill the tub was full. Using the movement for the different flavour swirl mixture we had finished.

But we had not completly finshed  we still had to freeze them. so we went to the room were they freeze them. It was the most FREEZING room I  have ever been in!!! "It has to be this cold for the icream to freeze." the man told me.

It took 2 hours for them to freeze so we had lunch and I played in the amazing play area while the icecream was freezing. I loved it not just the play area and lunch but making ice cream!

I had a great time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

My Graco Symbio Adventure.

Hi my name is Kezia and I'm doing a guest blog for my mum of the Graco Symbio. I love the cosy toes because it goes all over his the seat.That way his head is cosy and his toes too! Those swively wheels work a treat, it is so easy to push! I'm alowed to push him sometimes and I love it because I'm pushing him in the wonderful Graco Symbio. I also love the way the handles can move around so he faces one way then the other! Somtimes when I push Freddy I pretend we are in an adventure! This is a story I made up about it.
                                                The Magic Graco Symbio
Once upon a time me, Kizzy , my little brother Freddy and my mum went out for a walk with the magic Graco Symbio. And as we were walking we went on another adventure! Sunddenly the Symbio started to shake and glow and then we were off. When we looked around it was snowing and there was snow up to our knees! "Where are we?" I asked.
"We're in the North Pole!" replied Mum. "Look there is Santa and Rudolph over there!"
"Oh no," I said, "Santa looks sad!"
We went over and asked Santa what was the matter.
"It's Rudolph, he's got a sore hoof and we have to leave soon to deliver these presents.  How I am going to do it with no Rudolph?"
"Don't worry" said mum.  She had  a bandage in the baby bag on the back of the Symbio and she bandaged up Rudolph's foot.  Then we let him have a sit down in the Symbio for comfort while he rested.  We had some organic raisins in the baby bag too so we gave them to Rudolph and he was raring to go.
"Thank you" said Santa.  We set off home and by the time we got home there was lots of presents under the tree to say thank you for helping Rudolph.  "Thank goodness for the magic Symbio!" I said!

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Christmas is coming!!!

Today is the  11th of December, yes I know I have not done a post for ages but here I am doing one. This post is about Christmas. I can't wait! This year Megan is coming over, but not Joe and Jade. Because of Freddy we have a fake Christmas Tree and if you see it, it is nothing on it up to Freddy's hight!!! I was gonna have a Christmas Tree in my room but dad lost it! On my Christmmas list I have asked Santa for  makeup and  Bendy Bandz, films and some other stuff. But most of all I want my family to have a great Christmas and a great new year !