Monday, 19 December 2011


In my last post I said that I am going on holiday for Christmas and now I am gonna tell you a bit more about it, urrmm, yeah hope you enjoy!!

The place looks nice from what I've seen and on Christmas there is lots of nice things to do so that will be really fun when we go.

We are going for a week over Christmas 21st - 28th and that is almost today it is the 19th, Monday, that means we are going on Wednesday. Awkward turtle....

Not sure where that came from....

Cheese pie and vegetarian gravy falalalalalalalala...

Weird I guess I don't have much to say....

Awkward saying goodbye is hard urrrm .....


Oh guess it was actually easy.....

Friday, 16 December 2011

Snow is falling.....!

First I have to say sorry, do you know when I said I was gonna read the lion the witch and the wardrobe in one week? Well I haven't done it. I forgot and the weeks just flew by and just SORRY!!!!

Well, today where I live it was snowing a bit and I LOVED IT!!!! Do you love snow? I DO....... Anyway as it was snowing for some reason I felt more Christmassy! As it is only 9 SLEEPS until Christmas I should be felling festive and now .... I really do feel festive!

My school holiday is starting and I am so happy about that!!! We come back on the 4th on January ..... I am like so excited, on the outside I'm like.... "Yeah it's Christmas, whatever..." and on the inside...." AHHHH CHRISTMAS I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!!" Then I awkwardly scream in pillow :I.....I don't do that. *Shifty eyes*

I am going on holiday for Christmas with my family which should be a lot of fun........ Urrrrmm yeah.....


I know what to do I will do 5 of my favourite Christmas songs and bluuuh....

1. This is in no order this just what I thought of first one just happens to be.....Slaed!

This song just really makes me want to sing and dance... I love it!

2. This one is..... Do They Know It's Christmas!

Again I just love this song and yeah I think it is lovely!!

3. Merry Christmas Everyone........!

I just want to say this I have loved this song for years I love it!

4.If the weather outside is frightful you know what to sing ... Let it snow ....!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

5.All I want for Christmas is you!


Guys I would have done this one but didn't know if it counted as a Christmas song..... I'll put it on anyway!

This is: We Are The World!

In a couple of days I will do another, BYE AND HAVE A GOOD NIGHT!!!!!!