Friday, 16 December 2011

Snow is falling.....!

First I have to say sorry, do you know when I said I was gonna read the lion the witch and the wardrobe in one week? Well I haven't done it. I forgot and the weeks just flew by and just SORRY!!!!

Well, today where I live it was snowing a bit and I LOVED IT!!!! Do you love snow? I DO....... Anyway as it was snowing for some reason I felt more Christmassy! As it is only 9 SLEEPS until Christmas I should be felling festive and now .... I really do feel festive!

My school holiday is starting and I am so happy about that!!! We come back on the 4th on January ..... I am like so excited, on the outside I'm like.... "Yeah it's Christmas, whatever..." and on the inside...." AHHHH CHRISTMAS I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!!" Then I awkwardly scream in pillow :I.....I don't do that. *Shifty eyes*

I am going on holiday for Christmas with my family which should be a lot of fun........ Urrrrmm yeah.....


I know what to do I will do 5 of my favourite Christmas songs and bluuuh....

1. This is in no order this just what I thought of first one just happens to be.....Slaed!

This song just really makes me want to sing and dance... I love it!

2. This one is..... Do They Know It's Christmas!

Again I just love this song and yeah I think it is lovely!!

3. Merry Christmas Everyone........!

I just want to say this I have loved this song for years I love it!

4.If the weather outside is frightful you know what to sing ... Let it snow ....!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

5.All I want for Christmas is you!


Guys I would have done this one but didn't know if it counted as a Christmas song..... I'll put it on anyway!

This is: We Are The World!

In a couple of days I will do another, BYE AND HAVE A GOOD NIGHT!!!!!!

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  1. Great song choices! You have good taste...just like your mother :) xxx