Monday, 15 July 2013


Hello There My Dearest!

Today I am gonna talk about plaits!

Everyone loves plaits, EVERYONE! And this summer for some reason I have been absolutely loving them! Today I though I would show you some of my favorites.  


For all these looks you will need: a hairbrush, hair bands, bobby pins if needed and accessories (Optional but highly recommended!). 

1.The side plait

 First of all brush your hair to one side so that you have no bumps or knots.

Then you basically just plait all the way down to the end and secure with a hair bobble.

You can customize this by maybe pulling little bits of hair out at the sides, or put on a head band or some hair clips. Basically, GO MAD!

2. Pig tales

  At the moment I have absolutely loving this. It is my go to look if i just want something simple for school.

 Again, brush through your hair so it is nice and smooth.

Then seperate your hair into 2 sections. This can be equal or I sometimes like to just follow my hair line.

And just plait to as far down as you would like and tie off with a hair band.

Feel free to add any accessories.

3.The plait pony tail thing 

For this look, grab a little section of hair and plait it back. Then put in a temporary hair clip just to keep it in place. 

Flip you hair upside down and gather in you hair coming through with your fingers.

Make sure your plait is showing, tie up your hair and take out the temporary clip.

  You can't see it very well in the picture but it has a lovely effect to a standard pony tail.

I hope you have enjoyed having a little look at my favorite looks with plaits and I shall see you very soon!!

P.S. Can I just say a little hello to my friend Elisha! Hope you have a great time on holiday!!! xxx  

Kindle Vs Books

Hello There!

 Just a quick post.Recently, on the Kids Blog Club facebook page, I saw a post opportunity.


I thought I would quickly share what I think. Enjoy!
 I LOVE to read (as you may probably now) and don't think you can get any better than reading a book, turning the pages, inhaling that old musky smell.

 Although, having a Kindle is probably a lot easier than carrying around a book. 

Pretty much all of my friends would much rather read a proper book as well, like me.

 I sometimes think that technology is gonna take over the world and I don't particularly want that to happen.

In conclusion,