Thursday, 27 February 2014

Further Confessions of a Tweenage Fashionista!


These are some further confessions of a tweenage fashionista!

1. I'm a Primark girl...

2. I wish my life was a chick flick...

3. Sometimes, in the morning , I try on 3 million different outfits..

4. I am a bit obsessed with the ellipsis (as you can see...)

5. I love you listen to my iPod and dance around my room like a crazy loon!

6. You are never too old for a baby swing ( even though do always get stuck!)

7. Ever since I went to HomeSense with my sister, I have come a bit obsessed with home wear!

So that concludes part two!

Lots of Love...

Kezia xxx

Thursday, 6 February 2014

DIY : Peppermint Sugar Scrub & Sea Salt Scrub…

I was having a little stroll around Youtube when  I stumbled upon a really nice recipe for body scrub. I thought that this would make a lovely present for a friend or family member so ,with a little help, I made it!! I made this for my big sister for Christmas and she really liked it.

I chose to flavour mine with Peppermint because it is one of my favourite scents. Here is the recipe:

Sugar Scrub…

You may have to change ,the amounts  to fit your jar.

You will need:
Brown sugar (1/2 a cup)
White sugar (1/3 a cup)
Oil you can use olive oil or almond oil or whatever suits your fancy (1 tablespoon )
Peppermint extract (2 drops)

1. Measure out your brown sugar and pour it in your mixing bowl.
2. Add in your white sugar and mix them together.
3. Add the oil and mix. You can add more if you want to.
4. Stir your flavouring in and it is done.

Sea Salt Scrub...

For this one you do exactly the same as the last one but with salt and not sugar.

Long Time No See...

Hey guys!

I have not sat done and wrote a post in a long time so I am doing one right now!

If you guys haven't checked out my me channel already you definitely should. Here is the link! Hopefully I will do a video almost every week.

I will try and do more posts on here also! So be looking out for those.

This was only gonna be a short post so I guess I will see you soon!!!

Good bye!!!