Monday, 21 February 2011

I love music!!!!

Hi readers, I am doing a blog about music I like. I is so amazing how people come up with the lyrics and chords with out any help. Like my sister Ella (Check out her blog here!) she does lots of  WONDERFUL  songs, I love them <3

This is Ella playing guitar.

This is another band I love. The Midnight Beast. THEY ARE AWESOME!

Ashley (Left), Drew (Right) and Stephen (Middle)

One of my favourite songs that they do is Just another boyband (Listen to it here)

I also like Glee. I am kinda cheating here because it is a T.V program but music is on it so all good!( See here)

There is more people but i could nt find a better pic!

I would do more but I have been put on the spot so I can't think of anything!

Until next tme xKeziax

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Prince Owlbert.

I am SO sorry that I have not done a thing in a long time but I am doing one now so it is all good.
For Valentines day I got a Owl cushion called Prince Owlbert. I love him so much I sleep with him every night. He has got lots flowery patterns on him. He has also got big black button eyes and I thing he is wonderfull.
This is what he looks like.

This is one of his button eyes.

This is just one of the patterns on him.

I love my Prince Owlbert sooooo much! :D