Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Weather Spoons Breakfast!!!

Today is 27 of October 2010 and me and my family went to weather spoons for breakfast!!! I had a small , veggy breakfast. It was lovely!!!!!!!

When we had finished we went back to my aunties house. I held my baby cousin lots of times before so I thought I would get out one of those things that babys lie down on and it has like mirrors and rattles and sqweeky things , and I lay next to him. It was really fun!!! Also I played on my cousins Nintendo DS.

 We had to go to the dentist but Mum forgot so we are going tomorrow at 9:45 in the morning!!! So we have to get up :( I dont like getting up (Well actually I get up at 7:30 in the morning!!!Well this morning!)

We had to go home because dad would be coming home from work. So we went home.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

I've gotta blog!!!

It is 26th of October 2010 and I said to my Mum "Can I have a blog?" she said yes. I was so happy I made one straight away. So I went on Mums blog and clicked on Create a blog. then i got to this thing about information. After a lot of information I got on to a picture so I chose a picture of me that my sister helped me make. Then we got to the template, I chose the brown one with birds on. Finally i got my blog!!!!!!! After that mum let me do a post which is this. I love it!!!