Tuesday, 26 October 2010

I've gotta blog!!!

It is 26th of October 2010 and I said to my Mum "Can I have a blog?" she said yes. I was so happy I made one straight away. So I went on Mums blog and clicked on Create a blog. then i got to this thing about information. After a lot of information I got on to a picture so I chose a picture of me that my sister helped me make. Then we got to the template, I chose the brown one with birds on. Finally i got my blog!!!!!!! After that mum let me do a post which is this. I love it!!!  


  1. I'm so proud of my blogging girl!! Well done you! I love you and look forward to reading your posts! xxxxxxx

  2. Thanks mum I love you to!!!

  3. Thank you Mum I love you to!!!!