Thursday, 27 February 2014

Further Confessions of a Tweenage Fashionista!


These are some further confessions of a tweenage fashionista!

1. I'm a Primark girl...

2. I wish my life was a chick flick...

3. Sometimes, in the morning , I try on 3 million different outfits..

4. I am a bit obsessed with the ellipsis (as you can see...)

5. I love you listen to my iPod and dance around my room like a crazy loon!

6. You are never too old for a baby swing ( even though do always get stuck!)

7. Ever since I went to HomeSense with my sister, I have come a bit obsessed with home wear!

So that concludes part two!

Lots of Love...

Kezia xxx

1 comment:

  1. spend 45 minutes styling and restyling your hair when we're running late for school!!