Thursday, 29 May 2014

My Favourite Way To Spend A Sunny Day Outdoors...

My favourite way to spend a sunny day outdoors is to....

...relax in the garden and read a magazine!

I lose myself in the pages which are filled with all the things I love such as fashion, films, music, interviews, articles about holidays, places to go and stories about adventures!  It's the perfect thing to do on quiet, lazy days in the summer holidays.

In this post, I want to share some of the things that I enjoy reading about as I sit on the grass and flick through my magazine, letting my imagination go wild and making plans for the days to come.


Summer Fashions

Summer is the time when people can venture out of their comfort zone and try something new.  It's festival season which means you can go absolutely CRAZY with your fashion statements because anything goes!

Florals are big news this summer with flowers on both clothing and accessories.  Florals are pretty and fun and romantic.  But they are also very versatile, perfect for lazy days in the garden or for family days out.

Summer Florals

Another big summer fashion trend this year is acid washed denim, which is used on jackets, shorts, and lots of other items. My mum says it reminds her of when she was a teenager in the 80's. I love how fashion comes back around after a while and how we reinvent old styles.  I wonder what will be the next big fashion trend?

Acid Washed Denim

Summer is a great time to try wearing something you would never have thought about wearing before.  You might find a new fashion favourite :)

Discover some Summer Music

I love listening to summer anthems, whether I'm relaxing with my iPod, in the car with windows down and the volume up or dancing at parties.  Summer music is uplifting and makes you dream of long days on the beach in the sun.

My favourite summer anthem is by Walk the Moon and is called Next in Line. It's got such a summery vibe and when I close my eyes I can imagine dancing at a festival watching the sunset.


Another really fun thing to do is to make your own music videos!  Just grab your phone or a Flip and sing along to a favourite tune. It's great fun to do if you get bored in the summer holidays and you can look back at it in the future!  

Festivals are awesome places to discover new music and enjoy the summer.  I went to Rock and Bowl festival which is local to us.  It was a bit rainy and muddy so I had to rock my wellies!  I hope to go to more festivals in the future because they are so much fun and live music is awesome.  The atmosphere was amazing!

music festivals

Plan a Movie Night

After having fun in the sun, it's great to snuggle up with a good film and a bowl of popcorn.  Now I.Love.Chick.Flicks!  I love finding out about new movies coming out and putting them on my DVD wishlist.  Movie nights are great fun to do with friends or family.  My sisters have introduced me to loads of great summery, chick flicks and my favourite one is '13 Going on 30'.

I love the story of Jenna and Matty.  On her 13th birthday she wishes that she was older and wakes up aged 30 as a successful magazine editor for Poise magazine.  She has to find a way back to her life and on the way finds herself in lots of hilarious situations.  At one point she ends up at an office party and dances to Thriller.  It's brilliant!  Watch it if you haven't already!!

13 going on 30

Dream of a Holiday in the Sun

My family has had some lovely holidays in France.  We love the beaches where we get to explore and find things such as shells, rocks, fossils and creatures that live in rock pools. I love to go paddling and I remember when me and my sisters waded into the sea fully clothed!  It was such fun!  We were quite soggy but we dried off in the sun.

I love making beach art using shells and seaweed and sand to make a picture. One time I made a mermaid.

beach art

I love the sound of the waves lapping at the shore.  It is so relaxing.  It can get a bit windy by the sea though.  It might tangle up your hair but it is great for flying kites, another thing I enjoy doing in the summer.

Here are some pictures of me enjoying the beach.  In some I am really little!

beach, holidays

I hope the sunshine comes back soon!  I'd love to go back to the beach this summer!

Visit a Theme Park

I love roller coasters and rides.  I love to go to Alton Towers and I'm tall enough now for the big rides so I've been on The Smiler, Air, Oblivion, Thirteen, Rita and Nemesis.  

I also love Disneyland because it is just perfection!  You are never too old for meeting the characters and going on the Toy Story rides!


I hope you enjoyed this blog post and that it has given you some ideas for the summer.  Hopefully the sun will shine again soon and I can have some fun or simply read a magazine in my garden in the sunshine with my shades and an ice lolly!


Love from Kizzy aged 11

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  1. Let's hope the sun shines soon so we can have some fun days out in the sun! Great post my lovely xxx