Wednesday, 15 December 2010

My Graco Symbio Adventure.

Hi my name is Kezia and I'm doing a guest blog for my mum of the Graco Symbio. I love the cosy toes because it goes all over his the seat.That way his head is cosy and his toes too! Those swively wheels work a treat, it is so easy to push! I'm alowed to push him sometimes and I love it because I'm pushing him in the wonderful Graco Symbio. I also love the way the handles can move around so he faces one way then the other! Somtimes when I push Freddy I pretend we are in an adventure! This is a story I made up about it.
                                                The Magic Graco Symbio
Once upon a time me, Kizzy , my little brother Freddy and my mum went out for a walk with the magic Graco Symbio. And as we were walking we went on another adventure! Sunddenly the Symbio started to shake and glow and then we were off. When we looked around it was snowing and there was snow up to our knees! "Where are we?" I asked.
"We're in the North Pole!" replied Mum. "Look there is Santa and Rudolph over there!"
"Oh no," I said, "Santa looks sad!"
We went over and asked Santa what was the matter.
"It's Rudolph, he's got a sore hoof and we have to leave soon to deliver these presents.  How I am going to do it with no Rudolph?"
"Don't worry" said mum.  She had  a bandage in the baby bag on the back of the Symbio and she bandaged up Rudolph's foot.  Then we let him have a sit down in the Symbio for comfort while he rested.  We had some organic raisins in the baby bag too so we gave them to Rudolph and he was raring to go.
"Thank you" said Santa.  We set off home and by the time we got home there was lots of presents under the tree to say thank you for helping Rudolph.  "Thank goodness for the magic Symbio!" I said!


  1. Wow Kizzy what a fabulous story! Do you think our Symbio might really be magic and we can have an adventure together!!!!!

  2. That would be awesome! I sure do hope so!!!!!!!!