Saturday, 11 December 2010

Christmas is coming!!!

Today is the  11th of December, yes I know I have not done a post for ages but here I am doing one. This post is about Christmas. I can't wait! This year Megan is coming over, but not Joe and Jade. Because of Freddy we have a fake Christmas Tree and if you see it, it is nothing on it up to Freddy's hight!!! I was gonna have a Christmas Tree in my room but dad lost it! On my Christmmas list I have asked Santa for  makeup and  Bendy Bandz, films and some other stuff. But most of all I want my family to have a great Christmas and a great new year !


  1. I hope we have a BRILLIANT Christmas this year!!!! Love you xxxx

  2. Good Christmas in on the cards. Love you loads Kizzy.XXX