Sunday, 22 September 2013

I Style ... Knitted Leggings!

Hay, Hay, Hay!

Kezia Rocks

Today I am going to style knitted leggings for you.
I have 3 different colours to show you that are sold at amazing prices.  

Mine are from Primark but you can get them else where.


With the burgundy pair, I matched it with an all in one jumper and top (with a collar, of coarse) from New Look. I think these look really well together and the leggings add a splash of colour to the monochrome of the jumper. 

Secondly, with the turquoise pair I put it with a nice and simple slogan T-shirt. I LOVE these Ts. I think they go with anything and everything!

Finally for the black ones. I paired it with a big hoody. The hoody is dark blue and white with a slogan in a love heart in the middle. This is also from New Look. 

I hope you have enjoyed.

I would like to say a big HELLO to my friend Chloe.


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