Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Purple Mash.

In school we got a password and username for a website called Purple Mash and I go on it alot because you can make and do brilliant things on it. Because I love this website so much I thought that I would do a post on it. I hope you enjoy it!!!!


They is part on were you can make paterns and I made som things on it.


These are some of the pictures I have done on the texture bit.

I did this one when  I was thinking of colours and shapes I could do. I have got chocolate,   Peas,  Grass, Some sort of orange thing, Zebra print, Strawberry , some red sot of thing, two different types of blue and some sort of brown stuff. I love this pattern!

This one I made is a streem with strawberry plants I thought I would do it because I wanted to see if I could do proper pictures not just funny patterns.


Theese are some of the ones I have done on  reflections.

This is one I did on reflection and I just had a play around and just made it!

 I reckon that this is my favourite picture I've done on reflaction because it is  has got lots of good patterns like zigzags, dotsand lines and it has shapes like semi circles , squares and I just love it <3! I only realised this when I had fineshed but to me it looks like some strange type of creature!

This is the final one one pattern but I think it is really nice!

I really love this picture because it is just bizarre!!!!! It is just awesome!!!!! I really recomend going on this web site!!!!

This one is made of smiley faces and you might not know this because it went a bit dotty but it says love across it.

Other things  from Purple Mash
I have got other things that I have dne on Purple Mash and they are all things I have made.

You can also make things like graphs and ther things.

(If you want to see some because you can do some with out logging in click here )

I love this so much it makes me smile to do it.

Untill next time <3 Kezia <3



  1. What a brilliant review of Purple Mash! Well done sweetheart :) xxx

  2. 2Simple Software loves these pictures.

    They are great Kezia!

    We love seeing pictures of Purple Mash please keep updating your blog!

    Charlotte 2simple Software