Monday, 11 June 2012


Firstly:Back To School

I went back to school today and it was fun! Good seeing my friends and all that.... I like school, do you? or did you? (Go rhetorical questions!)Tell me what you think about school.

Secondly: Football

I am not really a fan of football; JUST JOKIN'!!!! Well that used to be true but not anymore oh no. Before I was like " Football, I don't care." now I'm like "OH MY GOOOOOD COME ON ENGLAND YOU CAN DO IT YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
I'm watching Euro 2012 at the mo' (short for moment for those oldies out there) and England and France are 1 all at the moment, apparently we were wining for 10 minutes.
Football, Euro 2012, Euro, 2012

I love life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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