Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Cool Science Stuff (Again Sort Of!)

I am sorry guys again  for doing the wrong thing again but instead of doing a science experiment I will just tell you about a Science thing so today I will do, well tell you about    THE MOON!

Ok to get started I will do this hold on ............


Ok now what alot of people think about is how the moon got there. Well the best idea they have is called the giant imact Hypothesis which is when the earth was really small a huge protoplanet crashes into it the size of mars and sent lots of bits flying everywere and the gravity decided it wanted to pull the bits together and some of it made the Earth and a tiny bit made the moon.

  Did you know: That the Moon is rotating but constantly looking at us?

One more thing I know is about a man named Denis Hope and he claims to own the moon but he doesn't because acording to space law he can't.

Did you know: When you look at the moon you are looking about the luna nearside?

By the way I thought that you should know that I got this information is from this video:

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