Saturday, 24 November 2012

My Story!

I'm writing a story and it is called: Best Friends in Monster High School.  And I want to show you what I have got so far!!!!!

 Frankie just could not wait. In 3 days time she would go to a special high school for monsters like her. It was a boarding school, and she couldn’t wait but none of her friends were going so she was a bit nervous.

Frankie; in case you didn’t know, is the lovely daughter of Frankenstein. She has a long lock of midnight black hair going down to her knees. She has one sky blue eye had one that is brown. She had minty green skin and stitches holding parts of her together.  

Just one day before Frankie left for her brand new school it was her birthday. She turned 12 and had a special birthday party with all her best friends. When everyone had left she started to pack her things. She put in her suit case her new iPod she got from her best friend, her high tops, ballet shoes, uggs, slippers, sun glasses, winter monkey hat, cap, scarf and lots of tops, dresses, shorts, tights and jeans.

The day had finally come, and Frankie rushed into the toilet before Frankenstein did. No one wanted to go in the loo after Frankie’s dad, unless you had a gas mask. She had a little make-up bag and put all the essential in it. Hairbrush, hairspray, eye shadow, blush, toothbrush, toothpaste and so on. Then she got herself ready. She also had a handbag that she put her purse in with her money and her slip that says that she is allowed in.

Half way there Frankie started to feel sick. She was worrying herself about the new school. She was thinking things like: “What if I make no friends?” “What if none of the teachers like me?” “What is I don’t get good marks?”. In the end she had to open a window.

After 3 hours in the car they finally arrived. Just as she was about to get out the car, her mum, Francesca, burst into tears. “It’s ok Mum, I’m coming back at Christmas.” Explained Frankie.
“I suppose, now go, go have some fun!” She replied.
“School, fun, please!”

Frankie skipped away lugging her heavy bag. She turned back and waved at her family. As she stared at the huge double doors she felt tiny. She exhaled deeply and walked in. There in front of her she saw a desk with a large lady with a HUGE smile.

“Hi sweetie!” she wailed “You must be a youngia!” Frankie looked puzzled. “ Oh, a youngia is from 1st year to 2nd year, Mide is 3rd year to 4th year and a Exa is from 5th year to when you graduate. Anyway last name please!”
“Monstro.” Answered Frankie. The large lady pulled out a file. “Ok,” she explained “inside here, there is your time table, a list of the different monsters and creatures in the school,  a map, key to  your room and a letter from the head with the rules and a slip you need to bring in next lesson.” Frankie smiled and walked off. As she was walking she looked behind the large lady. On the ladies back there were 2 golden wings. She looked at the sheet she had given about the species in the school. The lady was a cheer fairy that makes unhappy people happy again. That explains the smile.

Her room was 6B115. The 6 is the floor, the B is the corridor and the 115 is the room number. She was a bit frightened about who her roommate is. She already had one. She knew that she just hoped that is was not a goblin or any mean thing.

She shoved the key in the key hole with her eyes shut, she didn’t know what to expect. She slowly opened her eyes. The walls were red and pink and were just painted. There were two fancy beds one was black with a red pillow and red bed sheet, the other just had a mattress on it. On one side of the room there was a sink and a mirror. There was a small room with a toilet and a shower. On each side of the room there was a small bookcase and a desk.

Then she saw her, she was tall and the one side of her hair was midnight black and the other blood red. She was wearing a pink and red striped top and a black pair of shorts and laced black fingerless gloves. “Oh hello there!” came a Northern Irish voice. “I’m Felicity”. Only when she was talking did Frankie realize her fangs, meaning she was a vampire. “Hi I’m Frankie son of Frankenstein.” Said Frankie
“Very nice to meet you.” Replied Felicity.
Felicity helped Frankie put her mint green pillowcases and bed sheet on. Frankie had a duvet cover that was also mint green but had a stitching pattern.  

Because it was the first day, they didn’t have to any lessons. Frankie did up her side of the room with her new friend. She signed her name on the slip the lady had given her when she first entered. She put it on her desk so that she can remember it the next day when lessons started. The first day was when all the school shops opened all day, this was for the students to buy their books and all the things they will need. The shops were open, on a normal day, early in the morning lunch break and at night.

I will write more and show you more but I hope you have enjoyed this part of it.....

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